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KnockOut Boxing VR

Who doesn’t love VR gaming? The fun does not end here as our new game is all about boxing and stumping your opponent. If you love VR gaming, cardboard games and boxing game, this game is sure to take you on Cloud9 of fun! Join in to this exciting new platform offering a tasteful array of jaw-breaking and breathtaking boxing thrills and matches respectively. Grind hard to beat hard by putting on your VR headset and boxing off the other opponent. Try the app today!

VR boxing game
Whether you are new to the boxing ring or have ruled this arena for years, this exciting new game offers the most amazing combination of controls and graphics for every type of player. Learn the boxing tactics from your boxing coach and drill hard everyday to become on top of your league. With this VR boxing game, you can get to learn a lot and apply it to win lifelike boxing matches.

Boxing Drills for practice
Want to learn boxing? Willing to do anything it takes to defeat your opponent? Learn how to gain control over your opponent and rule the ring with your concentration, smartness and skills. The VR app offers coaches with real-time comments and instructions to help you learn the basics of boxing matches. Learn more combinations as you move up the levels and win more matches.

Clean and clear Graphics
The action adventure game offers clean and clear graphics and smooth controls so you can make the most of the boxing ring experience. Feel like a boxing legend as you step into the ring and defeat your opponent.

How to play Knockout Boxing VR: Ring Fight 2020 Games:
• Download and launch the action adventure game
• Follow the VR games instructions to create cardboard games equipment
• Choose to participate in boxing drills or matches in this boxing game
• Earn points and experience clean and clear graphics
• Play, box and enjoy!

Features of Knockout Boxing VR: Ring Fight 2020 Games:
• Simple and easy VR games UI/UX
• Hassle-free cardboard games instructions for VR gaming experience
• Play tons of new boxing games levels and win
• Participate in boxing drills to practice your boxing skills
• Play real-time boxing matches with your opponents
• Earn match points and move up the leaderboard
• Experience the thrill of action adventure with top-notch design
• Stunning graphics and clean and clear design for best VR gaming experience
• Best combination of AR and VR gaming in a single boxing game app
• Enticing remarks and multiple new characters for better game interaction
• Follow instructions and respond to comments instantly
• Stunning sound effects and background music
• Lifelike boxing match stadium and audience
• Safe and affordable VR boxing game app

Are you ready to experience a new level of thrill in this new action adventure boxing game? If your answer is yes, this game offers you a great combination of AR and VR in a cheap and exciting manner so you can have all the fun. Download and play boxing with Knockout Boxing VR: Ring Fight 2020 Games today!

Install instructions

This game need an image target as a controller. you can download the image target in this link : You can follow how to make the image target from the video above

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